The head of the Kennel “DGENTLY BON” is Elena Trofimova. She is RKF judge and President of a cynological club “DELTA-PAL”. In 1970 Elena entered to a club of young dog-lovers and since that time the interest towards dogs occupied all her life. In 1981 she graduated from cynological courses. In 1982 she became 3rd level Judge of Utility dogs. Since 1997 she has been RKF Judge.

  The name of the Kennel “DGENTLY BON” comes from English words “gently born”. It became the style of our work. We were the first to import a high-class toy-poodle from a well-known Dutch kennel. We were the fist and only one up to now to send our toy bitch to USA for mating. We were the fist to buy high quality small toy-poodles in USA. These events were very important for our kennel. Since December 1994, all the puppies of our breeding receive the affix “DGENTLY BON”. By that time, we already created a good livestock of silver toy and miniature poodles and they became an excellent base to our breeding using the importations from USA and Europe. In 1986 we got our first miniature poodle – a silver bitch CH. LABINA GLEN, breeding class “Elite”. She had a long life – almost 15 years - and became progenitor of all silver miniature and toy poodles of our Kennel. She was the start point of our professional breeding.

  The next gain was a silver male SILVER BANTAM VOM ORECHERS HOF. When I bought him in one of the leading Dutch kennels «ORECHERS HOF», he was 3 years old, size 27 cm and had already high titles: German Champion, National Champion of Holland, PZV Winner, 2xDPK Winner (specialty poodle shows in Germany).
Our dream came truth with this poodle, winning all the shows in Russia and abroad and accumulating the new titles: International Champion of Beauty, 7xChampion of Russia, Brussels’s Winner, multiple Russian Club Winner, Champion of Bulgaria and Ukraine.

The next event was the result of our long correspondence with Jo Moreland from USA. She is a well-known breeder of toy poodles. Since more than 20 years, she uses in her Kennel “STARDUST” only small stud dogs up to 25 cm. During this time, she produced many Champions of America. 
In 1994, Mrs. Moreland suggested that I send her a bitch for mating. I decided to send my charming female LAPOCHKA ANRE TREL (size 28 cm), 3xChampion of Russia, one of the best daughters of CH. LABINA GLEN, progenitor of all our silvers.

Our brave little LAPOCHKA made a 2-days flight to America, State Indiana. She traveled alone, without accompaniment and endured the flight without any problem. It ‘s the proof of an excellent steady temperament of the toy-poodles we produce. 

Married abroad, she came back to Moscow and gave birth to 4 puppies: 2 males and 2 females. These babies were precious like jewels for me and I named them accordingly: ALMAZ (diamond), AMETHYST, AGATE and ALEXANDRYA. They were the first puppies with DGENTLY BON prefix and all of them became Champions of Russia and National Club Winners. And PLATINA, daughter of BANTAM and LAPOCHKA, became the first International Champion in our Kennel. We are proud of our kids. Our aim is to produce steady toy-poodles, sized up to 28 cm and with excellent exterior quality.
In 1994, the first snow-white puppy appeared in our kennel – STARDUST QUATRE MONTRER (home named “Montik”). His size was only 23 cm and his show results were outstanding: 3xBest Junior, than at 15 months - best toy of classic colour at “ROSSIA-95” Show and the title of Champion of Russia. Same result at “EURASIA-96” and 2xChampion of Russia. In Ukraine, Kremenchug, he becomes Best in Show.

В 1997 г.In 1997, I got a second white toy-poodle from America, a beautiful puppy male. Today this male, STARDUST AND SOIGNES ENVOY (size 26 cm) has high titles: Champion of Russia, National Club Winner, 2xBest toy poodle of National shows. He produces excellent puppies in white and silver colour: his children take from him beautiful head, thick snow-white hair, excellent temperament and movements.

I started breeding apricot and red colour poodles in 1996, when I bought in America a couple of red toy poodles: STARDUST RED KALEIDOSCOPE (size 26 cm) - Inter-Champion, Champion of Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, National Club Winner; and STARDUST SANRISE SERENADA (size 23 cm) - Champion of Russia.

During several years, I had much success in breeding, using these imported poodles and their high quality offspring. Later on, I felt that I need to add new blood. So, in November 2002 an apricot 8 months old girl came from a well-known french kennel. Her name is T’es Une Coquine D’Appolon’s Land, her size 27 cm and she has excellent temperament and exterior. She produced gorgeous children. Her son DGENTLY BON SAFARY became Junior European Winner in 2004.

In May 2004, I got a brown miniature male from the “Superstar’s” Kennel (Switzerland, breeder Lisbeth Mach). It is SUPERSTAR’S SHIVAZ, d.o.b. 15/02/2004. He will be the progenitor of brown and black miniature and toy poodles in my kennel.

In June 2004, I was invited by the “Royal Canin” firm to take part in a conference for a special poodle food promotion. 75 poodle breeders came to France from all over the world to see the factory and the “Royal Canin” kennel of dogs and cats, where the food is tested.

In our kennel, you can find toy poodles to be used in breeding, as well as their puppies that you will be able to use for breeding, for shows and for your pleasure.