The GENTLY BORN kennel is included in the RKF-Top list of Russia’s kennels, thanks to our exhibition results.

Toy and Miniature poodles from the GENTLY BORN are tokens of long-lasting friendship and devotion between dog and man, as well as the source of eternal joy and good mood.

We are breeding exclusively high-bred dogs. It is for a reason that our puppies have a prefix Gently Born in their names, as they really are born in the excellent conditions of our kennel, from parents with long-term noble and officially documented genealogy.

Toy-sized and toy-like in appearance, Toy and Miniature poodles from elite parents are their owners’ feather in their cap. The dogs become repeated winners in numerous dog shows at both national and international level.

Toy and Miniature poodles are exceptionally smart, tender, kind and non-aggressive dogs.

The kennel’s owner Elena Trofimova for over 20 years have served as President of the Delta Pal Cynological Club. In 1994, thanks to Elena’s efforts, representatives of the unique breed of small dogs –Silver and Red Toy poodles were first brought into this country from America and Holland.

Soon after that, breeding Toy and Miniature poodles had come to be her vocation.

So, the GENTLY BORN kennel was established. Its name means born to wealth and nobility; although it was very hard to do, today all our puppies, born from high-bred parents, are given the prefix “gently born” to their names.

Nowadays, the kennel is a large collective of like-minded enthusiasts including experienced cynologists, groomers and handlers.

It is hard to summarize our achievements in a few words. Our gold reserves are replenished every year. We are proud of our Inter-champions!

In 2008, we started to breed the Harlequin colored poodles with gorgeous black-and-white fur; in 2009, we obtained our first Phantom poodles (whose fur is black-and-tan).

By our exhibition results, we were included in the RKF-Top list of Russia’s kennels – and deservedly so!

Our “graduates” participated and were repeated winners in many national and international dog shows, the winners’ list includes over 200 names.

At the European championship-2009 in Ireland, Amur, Chokolade Sweet and Gammy, all having a Gently Born prefix to their names, were titled Champion of Europe.

In 2015 in Milan, Gently Born Amarok captured the title of World Champion.

In 2016 in Moscow, Gently Born Chokolade Sweet was named the Veteran World Champion and was the second in BIS among veteran dogs.

Annually, over 100 puppies are bought from us. All, the puppies are healthy, vaccinated, trained and are raised in the environment-friendly conditions in a countryside breeding center located in the town of Dolgoprudny outside Moscow.

The breed's distinctive features

Small dogs of the unique breed Toy poodle visually resemble a furry toy. They are quick-witted and tender, very smart and lively. By nature, they have imposing stature and thick fur which can be trimmed in any shape.

They are rich in colors. More often, their fur is black, white, brown, grey, red, tan. White-and-black or black-and-tan are quite rare.

By many sociological polls, the poodle always hits the top three of the smartest and most intellectual among the many breeds; it is easily trained – that’s why in any circus performance you can see the poodle of any size - from the tiny Toy poodle to the big King poodle. The dog loves to be among people, and it tolerates loneliness.

The poodle by nature is calm and friendly. Due to its high intellectual abilities, it is often on the alert in front of strangers. It is non-aggressive, likes children, easily finds common ground with other pets at home, makes good friends with the owner very quickly. And it rarely barks if trained the right way.

How to take care of the breed

Small-sized dogs require meticulous care. They have natural long hair, it needs regular trimming to ensure your pet’s beautiful shape and comfort. The most suitable clips are: the Scandinavian or English Lion, the Continental, the Modern, Puppy Clip or Classic. These dogs practically do not shed.

Comb out them every day! If necessary, clip their claws.

We recommend to bathe them regularly, no less than once a month. Toy poodles love water and are playful by nature. You can combine bathing with play. When bathing your dog use only quality care products for animal fur.

The dogs love to walk outdoors. These regular walks fully satisfy their needs for energy release. It is desirable to not only watch your playing “toy dog”, but join them in their plays. They are highly mobile and easily taught new tricks.

If plaque is detected, you should visit the veterinarian to have plaque removed.

History of the Poodle