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The owner of the largest prestigious nursery and the expert on the most complicated breed poodle Elena TROFIMOVA expresses her opinion on this topic
In Russia they have not forgotten how to be fine professionals ...


- You are considered in your homeland as the main fan of the special magic of emotions of the poodle breed. What makes you so attracted to her?

- This is a brilliant mind, intelligence. This is always the most important thing that attracts a woman, as the largest and deepest phenomenon in nature. A very high degree of development of the mind and a very high speed of ingenuity and selfless forgetful reactions. There is no clever decorative dog today. Only at the poodle its roots are kept for centuries and intersect simultaneously in hunting and circus dogs. It's not by chance that the only circus dog as a limit of dreams and perfection is a poodle.

In this case, a globally poodle is the unconditional and absolute authority of a stylish hairdresser's dog. Joker in the sleeve. Ideal for the highest gross ambitions. Here is a plowed field for fantasy and true talents.

It is especially pleasant that there is no other decorative breed, equal to a poodle, which would not shed just like schnauzers and terriers.

Fourth. Poodle is the only breed that exists in seven official colors.

Fifth. Poodle is the only breed that also exists in four growth formats.

And this all without exaggeration says that in any house there should be only a poodle, including its illustrious character, incendiary energy of optimism and unique elegance and art - elite aesthetics.

- How do you spend your holidays?

- I have holidays from everyday life for a long time do not differ anything: I feed, I walk, I am engaged in cynological activity. From this activity, as from any other in the modern sense, you will not come off. But any effort can be turned into pleasure, if you choose a direction that is pleasant to the heart.

I sent my daughter to Greece - an international exhibition. She drove four poodles. She exposes them herself, as she is a high-profile groomer, and a handler. International class. She specializes precisely in our complex for the ring breed - grooming and handling poodle. Repeatedly with her personally our dogs won at international exhibitions.

- You have already achieved a lot - international exhibition pinnacles. Can you rest on your laurels now?

"If America was once discovered, it does not mean that this country stopped showing new sides on the same day and opened up to us in a new way. Now I'm buying new puppies in Germany of a young modern color - harlequin. There are only four poodles in the kennel. And this is all that is officially registered in Russia today. In addition to another poodle of another owner - it's a big royal bitch from America. This amount is not enough to untwist color. I only have one pair that will give birth to two puppies per year. So there are no carpets under your feet.

When choosing the path of the championship, you need to take the right steps in time - there will be no second chance. From the moment, as soon as the competition phase begins in the spread of the breed, the efficiency and the market coverage model immediately come to the fore - in this situation these are very simple schemes. But implementation is always difficult. And you understand this intuitively or by the method of miscalculation - it does not matter.

- Why are harlequins so attractive, because this is just a white and black color?

- Harlequins are attractive because each puppy is unique and unique in its color. Black - they are all black. And white - all are the same. And these are unique in the scatter of spots and their forms. In countries where harlequins are bred, this color is more expensive than others. At us in Russia it officially recognized only on January, 26th this year. In Germany and Switzerland, this color has been recognized for a long time.

But the harlequin so far can be officially recognized only within countries.

The French, leading the International Dog Training System FCI, are very conservative. Moreover, France was originally the birthplace of the poodle - the legislator of the classic of tradition. And she very tightly controls the policy of poodle standards.

Very long time the birthplace of the poodle did not recognize silvery and apricot colors. Red was recognized only in March this year, although it exists long ago. After 20 years, the harlequin will also be recognized. In practice, they take 20 years only to recognize color.

- Why do you only regard decorative breeds with piety?

- No, not only. I still have a Central Asian Shepherd. First I had large breeds - a shepherd, a Doberman. I was attracted by training, mutual communication. And I've been a participant in the Moscow championships in summer sports all-around. And many other competitions in training. I was even given the rank of "Candidate for Master of Sports" as soon as I entered the qualification categories. But still the poodle is in absolute weight and out of competition. His heart is given to him.

- With whom of the living legends of world cynology did you or would you like to work together?

- At Mazover I studied at the courses of experts. He took my exams and signed a diploma. Therefore, I am an expert, precisely from his submission.

And so I am quite content with what I have. It is even difficult to say who could now be considered a legend of world cynology. I have no desire to communicate with any of them. I'm a pretty self-sufficient person. I do not recognize any authority.

- Did your own first performance fail or was it successful?

- I do not remember which was the first. Probably with the dobermann. In the delivery of the standard for training we received the first degree at the general rate. This was in 1970.

- Are all the dogs, highly prepared for a big career and achieved the highest results, get "cash hits"?

- Poodle - it's generally not commercial breed, to be honest. This is an undeserved position of the poodle. He is so handsome and smart that he claims more. It is not by chance that the first thing that comes to mind when you want to take a decorative breed is a poodle.

- How do you celebrate Victory Day?

- On May 9, we inevitably celebrate my brother's birthday. We leave to his house outside the city for shish kebabs. And, of course, at the table the first toast - for victory. And then the rest.