Silver Poodle Silver Dream Girl vom Orechers Hof (Germany). Part 1. Origin.


08.02.11. in the kennel ORECHER'S HOF in Germany, puppies of a dwarf silver poodle were born - 2 boys and one girl.
The girl will be purchased at our cattery GENTLEY BORN.
The kennel ORECHER'S HOF has been engaged in silver for only 35 years - dwarf and toi, has a large number of World Champions, Europe, International Champions, Champions of many countries. Our kennels are connected by 20 years of friendship.

Daddy puppy CHOPIN OF THE BEGONIA FARM - the father of our deceased Petruly vom Oreshers Hof. He is small, only 30 cm and fairy-tale beauty, he is already 8 years old and I wanted a puppy dog ​​only from him. A double was made knit, but Petrula's mother remained empty, then a very beautiful young bitch Liza was tied, she was 29 cm - God gave in this litter one girl, whom I dream of for a year, in memory of the beautiful Petrule. I agreed with Madame Orecher about the sale to Russia of her brothers, that would have time to leave the blood of this extraordinary producer. Children Chopin - young World Champion 2009, World Champion 2010 (littermate Petrula).