Show САС "Moscow Summer Cup 2019" Judge G. Ridarchikova

Toy poodle Gently Born SHUMAHER - САС, Best male, Best of Breed.

Tula, All-Russian show САС. Judge Y. Gavrilova

Toy Poodle Gently Born Improvisation - JCAC, Best Junior, Best Of Breed, BIG - 1

Tula.Show 2x CAC.

Show CAC "Tula meetings" judge Gindulina E.R.
Toy Poodle Gently Born Tsarina - CW, CAC, Best Juniors -4.
Show CAC "Tula stars" judge Gorbachevsky OA
Toy Poodle Gently Born Tsarina- CW, U CAC, Best Junior.
Closed Junior Champion Russia

Lithuania CACIB

Toy poodle GENTLY BORN ROKXI LOVE - CACIB, Chem. Lithuania
Miniature poodle GENTLY BORN MONA DI ORIO - CACIB, Best of Breed, Сh Lithuania

St. Petersburg. Show 2xCAC. Judge I. Begma and T. Chupris.

Phantom miniature GENTLY BORN HARLEY LANTZ closed the Champion Russia

Kaliningrad Show 2xCAC

Phantom miniature Gently Born Emaks - 2 BOB, BIG-2, CH RKF, CH RUS

Tula. Show 2xCAC

Toy Poodle Gently Born Carina.
Show "Cup M.Orlovoy" Judge Belsky V.
Excellent, CW, JCAC
Regional show Judge Kashirin N.
Great, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB.

Latvia. CAC. Expert L.Heinesche (LUX)

Toy Poodle BEN-MAR’S LORWINS MASTER PIECE - Champion Latvia, Best of Breed

Novosibirsk show CAC "Siberian Summer 2019". Judge Azen I.

Phantom miniature Gently Born Frantisek - JCAC, Best Junior, JChRKF, BOB, closed JChampion Russia and JChampion RKF.