11.11.2018, Moscow, DELTA - PAL. Special show of poodles Expert Stephen Wheeler (Spain).


Poodle toy black Gently Born Syuzi Kyu - CW, JCAC,Best Junior, BOS
Poodle toy gray Gently Born Je Taime - CW, JCAC,, Best Junior, BOB, BIS Toy-4, closed the National Junior Champion
Poodle toy apricot Gently Born Fleur Armaniya - R JCAC
Poppy toy apricot Gently Born Nostalgia - CW, JCAC, BOS, closed the Champion of the National Club                              Miniature Gray Poodle Gently Born Mark Birley - CW, JCAC, BEST Junior, BOB, Best Junior-4, Best Miniature Poodles - 3