Accepting the colors of the harlequin poodle and black and tan in Russia.


The exhibition of the SEC today, the refereeing of Bertold PETERBURS from Germany inspired memories and I want to share them today, telling where the official recognition of the poodles of harlequin colors (white black) and black and tan (phantom) began.

Years have already passed, and everything is fresh in mind. Poodle color harlequin - my very old secret dream, and when in September 2006 I accidentally managed to buy such a girl in Ukraine, the joy was boundless! An unusual white and black puppy was galloping around the house, and I even had no thoughts about exhibitions and breeding, just a little fervent happiness for the soul! Shes King was also acquired by the will of fate, but the appearance of this imposing handsome man, and even with the official AKC pedigree, all turned in the shower! And I wrote a statement in two lines - I ask you to accept the white and black color of the poodle, as official in Russia, went to RKF. Received a response - contact the National Poodle Club. I went to SEC for President Yu.N.Shuko with the same statement and received such support, which could only be dreamed of! Today it sounds ridiculous, but that day I learned for the first time from Yulia Nikolayevna that in those countries where the harlequins are recognized, taigas are also recognized there, only two colors have been recognized in some European countries.

Julia Nikolaevna in the shortest time had a correspondence with the poodles of Germany, from Bertold PETERBURS received all the documents that the Germans with colors are working on. Maria Nikolaevna Sotskaya wrote a historical certificate and genetic justification for these colors, Nadezhda Lebedeva carried out the entire package of documents through the RKF. Any of us who have ever tried to formalize any statements in our higher organization know what kind of titanic work, coupled with nervous tension and a huge amount of time. And in fact at that time I had two harlequin poodles, and people who selflessly took up this very difficult business, there were no such dogs and still do not. Everything was done on the bare altruism and love of these people to the Poodle breed, to its prosperity, its popularization.

Positive decisions were received and signatures of all RKF commissions were collected. Negotiations were held with all members of the Presidium - and, as a result, the official recognition of harlequin colors and black and tan in Russia, as it was written in the RKF messenger.

Valuable harlequin color producers, very high-quality, very expensive steel were bought by breeders abroad, in color black and tan, puppies of this color began to register and show at exhibitions, the daily, painstaking work began to boil.

And suddenly, without any explanations and reasons, without even informing the SEC, last spring the RKF makes a decision at the Presidium to close the harlequin and black-and-tan color breeding. All - closed! No one was asked! Only accidentally leaked information ... where is it written? Not where! Not yet! It's hard to believe, but half the summer it was necessary to achieve that the issue was once again brought to the Presidium and listened to the interested party! Everything on nerves ... a lot of questions, but not a single answer - for what, what is wrong, what were you guilty of, what you violated?

The Presidium was prepared with the utmost care. The defense was all in the same composition - Yu.N.Shuko, M.N. Sotskaya, N. Lebedeva and I, now as a harlequin breeder, bringing a thick folder to the meeting, in which the numerous champion certificates of our Harlequin, documents for the received litters were filed. Yulia Nikolaevna and Maria Nikolaevna made professional presentations, answered the numerous and well-answered questions that sometimes sounded openly hostile, and brought a lot of weighty arguments. Maria Nikolayevna came from the dacha, in the heat, no matter what. And these people managed to destroy this wall of not understanding, to prove the absurdity of the decision. Although, for example, in Holland, these two colors were bred for many years, and then, they were taken and closed ... and they all measured it ... and are no longer bred ...

After that meeting, the National Club again filed a provision on the colors, regulations on exhibitions and breeding. Work RKF allowed, and with the publication pulled under different pretexts.

Before the exhibition RUSSIA-2010, without informing the National Club, without asking anyone, RKF decides that in Russia there were two new BREEDS - harlequin and phantom. Where is it written? Nowhere ... I accidentally found out about this, having arrived in the RKF to change the s. on a pedigree and having read in the column the breed - harlequin. Calling Yulia Nikolaevna, she brought her almost to the hearth, telling about the next decision of the RKF.

I want to once again say a big thank you to Shuko Yulia Nikolaevna, Sotskaya Maria Nikolaevna and Nadezhda Lebedeva for their unselfish contribution to the development of harlequin and phantom colors, for the high-level exhibition, for the highly professional expert Bertold PETERBURS. For the fact that they took great responsibility, allowing us, the owners of harlequins and phantoms, to take part in it, namely, as a Poodle breed.