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We are breeding toy and miniature poodles silver, white, apricot and red color. We have in our kennel finished producers from the best kennels of America and Europe. Their progeny have excellent temperament and beautiful figure confirmed by their victories and titles.


05.08.17 Moscow. CAC Leader-Prestige. Judge O. Vasiliev
Harlequin toy Stivenson s Izjuminkoi Juliany- CAC, Best male, Best of breed.

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Add date 09.08.2017

5-6.08.17 International Dog Show SOPOT (Poland).
Phantom toy Marco Polo Gently Born - 2xCAC, 2x Best male, 2x Best representative of the breed.

Add date 09.08.2017

03.08.17 We had a presentation of phantom puppies, born on May 30, 17 - 2 males and 2 females.
Father - Marco Polo Gently Born black and tan phantom
Champion Russia, 3 x Champion RKF, 3 x champion Eurasia
Mother - Gently Born Pina Puatie Black and Tan Phantom
Junior Champion Russia, Champion Russia, RKF

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Add date 06.08.2017

30 July 2017 International dog show CACIB-FCI Silver Irbis Judge ZVI KUPFERBERG
Toy poodle Gently Born Rajemma
CW, CAC, CACIB, ChRKF, LS, BOB, has closed the Interchampion
Add date 30.07.2017

28 July 2017 Our new video. Poodles toy and miniature from the kennel GENTLEY BORN
Add date 30.07.2017

07/25/17 We held a presentation of a red puppy toy poodle, born 10.06.17 - 1 male
Father - Akram di Kapri (Argentina) Red Poodle Toy
INTERCHAMPION, Junior Champion of Russia, National Club, Champion of Russia, National Club, RKF, Grand, Belarus, Azerbaijan, 5x CACIB
Mother - Gently Borne Lisa Red Poodle Toy

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Add date 26.07.2017

22.07.17. Podolsk. Show CAC. Judge O. Denisovа
Central Asian Shepherd Dog Jasmine Gently Born - Class Winner, САС

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Add date 23.07.2017

14.07.17 Harlequin puppies were born in our country - 1 male and 2 females.
Father - Stivenson s Izjuminkoi Juliany Harlequin
Junior Champion Russia
Mother - Gently Born Vanderful Life Harlequin
Junior Champion Russia, Champion Russia, Champion RKF, Champion of breed 2016, Grand Champion Russia

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Add date 22.07.2017

17.07.17 Presenting a phantom puppy presentation, 26.05.17 - 1 male and 2 bitches.
Father - Gently Born My D * Artanyan Phantom
Junior Champion Russia, Champion Russia, Champion of the breed 2014, 2016 (Gold collar), 2xChampion of RKF, 2xChampion of Eurasia, Champion of World dog show-2016
Mother - Gently Born Olivia Double Beauty Phantom
Junior Champion Russia

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Add date 22.07.2017

15.07.17 Moscow
Gently Born Eva Malinka
CAC "Summer Cup of the RKK" Judge L. Filatov - САС, Best female, Best of Breed
Monobreed show judge V.Pilikin - class winner, certificate of the applicant


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Add date 16.07.2017

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