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We are breeding toy and miniature poodles silver, white, apricot and red color. We have in our kennel finished producers from the best kennels of America and Europe. Their progeny have excellent temperament and beautiful figure confirmed by their victories and titles.

Gold fund of nursery on breeds of that toy a miniature poodle and the central asian sheep-dog 01.01.08:

Inter Champions - 7
Young Champion Europe-1
The Champion of the Europe-1
Grand Champions - 15
Champions of Russia - 66
Champions RKF - 10
Young Champions of Russia – 26
Champions of National club - 28
Young Champions of National club - 8
Baltics - 1
Belarus - 8
Bulgaria - 9
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2
Germany - 1
Gibraltar – 1
Georgia - 4
Latvia - 1
Lithuania – 2
Luxembourg – 5
Macedonia – 3
Portugal – 1
Romania - 6
Serbia and Montenegro-2
Siberia and Khakassia - 5
Ukraine - 14
Finland - 2
France - 3
Estonia - 2
Our puppies grow up in ecologically clean conditions as our kennel is situated in the country very close to Moscow. They eat professional feeds.

Our kennel is born in December 1994. Since that time, we became a friendly and solidary team of like-minded persons and we invite you to join our family of poodle-lovers. If you still ignore these smaller varieties of poodles – toy and miniature – we suggest that you to take a closer look at them as soon as possible. I am sure you will admire them and be proud that your dog’s "family name” is DGENTLY BORN

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