Interview with the owner and breeder of the nursery "Gently Born" Elena Trofimova



A poodle is a dandy, a poodle is a lord,
Poodle - he souls comfort
Poodle, right, so good ...
Even in the image of "Gavroche"!

Translation from German:
"Pudelnas" - wet as a poodle - "like a wet chicken"
"Pudelwohl" - blessed as a poodle - "in the quiet waters of the devil are found"
"Pudelnackt" - naked, like a poodle - "without porticos, but in a hat"
"Aufpudeln" - vydelitsya - "show off"

"A poodle is a dog, but equally an artificial flower created by loving and skillful hands, a flower in which everything is harmonious - from line to gesture, from coloring to habits ... The natural reaction of even an occasional person to contemplation of a well-groomed poodle is a joyful surprise. "(From the publications of L. Moskovkin)

After all, we all know the legendary Kuprin "White Poodle" or Goethe's cunning from "Faust." I also recall Stenbekov's "Journey with Charlie in Search of America", as well as the brave Artemon A. Tolstoy. And still, in our modern, there is a stunning story by Lyudmila Ulitskaya about dogs (and poodles, in particular), which were used on the fronts during the Second World War ... That's how multi-faceted this breed is, that the ministers of the muses were so supportive of it.
In my childhood, probably, many read and watched G. Malo's novel "Without a family". The hero of the book, a little boy, after going through a series of misadventures, found his family. All deprivations to the protagonist helped to demolish the circus poodle - a large white poodle Kapi, a faithful companion and assistant in his wanderings.

Also recalled funny character of American cinema ("Oh, who would say 3", 1993) - a mannered poodle Daphne. This big white babe was very concerned about the state of her manicure.


Елена Трофимова

Elena Trofimova Today, I would like to offer you an interview with the owner of the nursery poodles standard and non-standard colors "Gently Born" - Elena Trofimova.

Elena, tell me how your first dog got into your house, and why the choice fell on a poodle? Why did this breed become special for you?

The first in my house was an oriental shepherd dog, then a risen schnauzer, and then the choice fell on a poodle and, of course, not by accident.
Poodle is a brilliant mind and intellect. This is always the most important thing that attracts a woman, as the largest and deepest phenomenon in nature. A very high degree of development of the mind and a very high speed of ingenuity and selfless forgetful reactions. There is no clever decorative dog today. Only at the poodle its roots are kept for centuries and intersect simultaneously in hunting and circus dogs. It is not by chance that the only circus dog as the limit of dreams and perfection is a poodle.

At the same time, the poodle is an absolute and absolute authority of a stylish hairdresser's dog. Ideal for the highest gross ambitions. (Grumer is a hairdresser for dogs.) Here is not a plowed field for fantasy and true talents.

It is especially pleasant that there is no other decorative breed, equal to a poodle, which would not shed just like schnauzers and terriers.
poodle Poodle is the only breed that exists in 6 official colors, and two more - harlequins and black and tan - recognized in many countries.

Poodle is the only breed that also exists in four growth formats.
And this all without exaggeration says that in any house there should be only a poodle, including its illustrious character, incendiary energy of optimism and unique elegance and art - elite aesthetics.
In 1986, the first silver dwarf poodle appeared LABINA GLEN, the winner of MGOLS, the tribal class "elite." She became the ancestor of all silvery and dwarf poodles of our kennel, having lived a long life of almost 15 years, and she started a professional hobby-breeding.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating your own nursery? When did your kennel open? How was the name of the kennel chosen?

Елена Трофимова

Elena TrofimovaWith the idea of ​​creating our own nursery, we with Anna Vlasova, my relative, came in 1994. Already at that time she was fascinated by the Riesen, I also had rizen and two poodles. We decided to combine our efforts and finances for the benefit and prosperity of our favorite breeds.
The cattery was registered in 1994. "GENTLY BORN" in English translation - prestigious, generous. Our name has become the style of our work.

What is breeding for you in dog breeding, what parameters do you use to define this concept?

Passion for poodles over time has evolved into an enthusiastic, daily, painstaking work on creating the perfect poodle. Pedigree breeding in dog breeding is the obtaining of the desired type of animal that meets the requirements for health, psyche, temperament and exteriors of the dog. These are the main parameters that I pay attention to in breeding.


What blood have you imported and why?

Initially, there were 3 growth categories in the Poodle breed standard - large, small and dwarfish. In the 90s, a separate growth category of the toy poodle, the smallest, with a height of only 28 cm, was singled out.
At that time I had a dwarf poodle, a silvery bitch LABINA GLEN, the winner of MGOLS, the tribal class "elite." She became the ancestor of all silvery that and dwarf poodles of our kennel, having lived a long life of almost 15 years, and she began professional breeding , as well as a hobby for them.
We were the first to bring the high-class male of that poodle from the prestigious nursery in Holland.
We are the first and still the only ones who sent their bitch that poodle for breeding in America.
We were the first to buy very high quality, very small ones - poodles in America.
Before us was the task to obtain and consolidate the growth of that poodle, without losing the exterior data. Therefore, we brought from the best nurseries in Europe and America qualitative, genetically fixed in the growth of that poodle.

What do you consider your luck in breeding?

I consider it a great success to receive such poodles as Champions of Europe:
Gently Born Crusader, Gently Born Amur, Gently Born Gammy, Gently Born Chocolada Svit.
Junior European Champion Gently Born Safari, Winners of monobreed exhibitions Gently Born Amethyst and Gently Born Asty Mondoro.


poodlePlease tell us about working with colors. Do you have your own "color" preferences? For example, I like very bright apricots, and not whitish. Your opinion on this matter?

Our nursery, I think, is the only kennel in which there are all poodle colors: the first poodle was silver, it became the founder of all our silver. By chance, an American white tiny toy-poodle appeared in the house, having lived a short and bright show (exhibition) life, he left a significant mark in white, black and silver colors .. Always the first male in the house will remain in memory ) - apricot, beautiful and charming baby, left behind about two hundred puppies. Enchanted red color - bought in America a tribal pair of red poodles. In 2000, poodles of brown color practically disappeared in Moscow and we bought, on the recommendation of Switzerland, the most beautiful Superstar Shivaz, in America a small little girl Soignes Fancy Cappuccino and with her friends in Moscow Slavyanka Arabica for Gently Born. On their account, many exhibition victories. On them lined the breeding of brown color in our cattery. Chocolates have a thick, well-trimmed shiny coat, they look very good in the ring.

When our little white tocha - the champion from the imported dad superchempiona gave birth to a black boy, he so charmed everyone with both height and temperament that even the sale was not a question. Black night, black lacquer - he has a star show-way - Interchampion, multi-champion Gently Born Zen Apeldoorn Elite - beauty growing 24 cm! How can you not like black color!
Looking at pictures of foreign magazines, fell in love with poodles harlequin color! A long-term dream has become a reality - today they are brought from the leading nurseries of the colors of Germany and America! From their exclusive, unrepeatable beauty, the head is demolished, but this is a separate story ...

And what extraordinary beauty - black-tanned poodles, phantoms ?! Now the dream was not for long. Having developed color harlequin, acquired on the recommendation of good friends in Germany, a tribal pair of phantoms, and in them we fell in love immediately and unconditionally!
To your question I can answer this: "At the moment I do not care what color a poodle, most importantly, what would be its beauty pleased the eye and soul!"

And before any discrepancy of colors was considered a plectrum ...


Everything is correct, in the FCI standard on the poodle it is written "COLOR: single-colored wool: black, white, brown, gray, apricot and red." Any discrepancy is marriage, but the original color of the poodle was spotty, only then the breeders' works displayed homogeneous colors. In America, the party is a poodle, that is, spotted has always been in high esteem. The colors harlequin (white-black) and black and tan (black and tan) are accepted in Germany and in a number of other European countries.
In January 2008, RKF officially recognized two very interesting colors of the poodle - harlequin and black end tan. As a basis, the color provision in force in Germany has been adopted.

At the moment, breeding "non-standard" is a tribute to fashion or a qualitative breeding of various poodle colors?

In America they breed poodles of color of party colors, it's any color, in Europe - only two colors, unrecognized FCI, and breeding at a very high professional level. Poodles of these colors are quite competitively capable of monochrome poodles, which is indicated by their exhibition victories. The color scheme of the poodle was replenished with two more colors, more admirers of this remarkable breed appeared.

There is still a brindle color. Would not you like a little tiger cub? This color is adopted in Russia or only in Europe and America?

In America there is a brindle color, but there almost any color has its name - tiger, fawn, cloak, blue, etc. In Russia, only two colors are accepted for official breeding - the harlequin and the black and the ten.


 What exhibition victory of your dogs did you remember especially?

A special pride is the silvery to-poodle Gently Born Hope, only 24 cm tall, who won the Best at the All-Russian exhibition in Moscow.

What is more important - luck in a poodle career or successful owners?

Undoubtedly - successful owners! And the most important thing is that our child is loved infinitely and cared for. If you still have a passion for exhibitions - it's absolutely fabulous!

As a breeder-practitioner, what would you like to wish the experts who choose the winners in the exhibition rings? What would you advise paying more attention to the expert if he asked your opinion as an experienced breeder of poodles?

I would like to wish the experts more objectivity, pay more attention to the dog, and not to the one who is on the other end of the leash.


How do you see the ideal dwarfish (small poodle, big, that)? Which dogs do you think are close to this ideal?

In my opinion, a poodle of any height is wool and movement! Beautiful movements and shiny thick wool speak about health - and this, by and large, is the most important thing.
Ideals for me do not exist, there is no limit to perfection and there is always something to work on.

Inna Demkiv (Tallinn-Moscow, 2010)